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Our company concept started in 2012 when our founder, Marie, was planning her wedding in NYC.  After getting floral quotes far beyond her budget she contacted her ceremony venue to ask if another bride was getting married shortly before her. If there was, Marie thought that the flowers could stay at the venue and she could offer a generous contribution towards the other bride's floral costs, so that Marie could use the previous bride’s flowers once her ceremony was over and the flowers were no longer needed. However, the venue coordinator told her that although there was a prior wedding, she was not permitted to give out the other bride's information.  After that, Marie decided to purchase her own flowers and arrange them herself, which was not a good idea, especially on a day when she wanted to relax and spend time with family and friends.  Instead she was overwhelmed making flower arrangements that came out looking below average.  Since that day Marie has been working on putting brides together to get their dream flowers but at a reasonable price by the old, kind act of sharing.