How we work...

We match couples together that are getting married at the same venue and within a day of each other.  That way the flowers can safely stay put at the venue and be reused for the next event.


What are the benefits of signing up?

You can save a considerable amount of money by sharing flowers with another couple.  Once you fill in your details we search our database to see if there is another couple that also wants to share arrangements and who is getting married at your same venue within a day of your date.  If there is, we connect you both to coordinate the sharing of your floral arrangements.  To get started, click here.


Can we share other elements of our wedding?

Absolutely!  We put you together and you take it from there.  You might be able to share other items of your wedding as well, such as table/chair rentals, lighting packages, vendor discounts, and venue tips.


How much do you charge for your service?

As of now, we do not charge for this service.


When should we sign up?

As soon as you finalize your ceremony and reception venues, dates, and times.  The sooner you sign up, the more time we will have to make a match.


How do you put us in touch?

If we find a match we will send you both an email to e-meet each other so you can begin coordinating.


How soon do you send us the introductory email?

We will send you both the email within three business days of making the match.


How do you suggest the couples choose the flowers and pay the florist?

Ultimately, this is for both couples to decide.  We suggest one of two ways to work together:

1)  Work together to choose flowers for both weddings and share the costs (we suggest the first wedding contributes a higher percentage to the flower cost)

2)  OR If one couple has decided on flowers, then they can offer them to a wedding before or after for a percentage of their total flower cost.  For example, we connect couple 1 and couple 2.    Couple 2 has already decided on their flowers and put a deposit down with a florist.  Couple 1 has not.  Couple 2 offers their flowers to be used at Couple 1's wedding for 30% of their flower cost.


Can we reuse both the ceremony and reception flowers?

Yes!  The flowers can stay at the same venue for another bride to use before or after your wedding.  The only type of floral arrangements we don't suggest sharing are the bridal party bouquets since these don't stay in stationary places.


What if I need more or less floral arrangements than the first bride?

If you need more floral arrangements the best option would be for you to contact the florist and order more.

If you need less then we suggest using the extra flowers elsewhere within your venue or have them taken away.


How do we ensure that the flowers will stay in place for two weddings?

It is the responsibility of both couples to communicate with your venue coordinators to let them know that the flowers will be used for both weddings.  If your weddings are back to back then the flowers can stay in place.  If there is an event between your weddings then there should be a wedding planner, florist, or coordinator who will agree to store them between weddings.


Can you help us come up with our sharing plan?

Because our goal is to connect couples, we rely on the couples to come up with a plan that best suits them.  Once we put you in touch, our job is done.


What if we don't share anything between our weddings?

Although you might not be able to share a physically aspect of your wedding you might be able to share wedding planning info or venue tips.


How can I contact Bouquet for a Day?

Connect with us here.