We help brides and grooms sell their wedding flowers after their reception to other local weddings or events that are in need of cost-effective fresh flower arrangements.

We do this by connecting the brides/grooms selling their wedding flowers to the other local events that would like to purchase them.

This is an example of the events we match:


If you are interested in SELLING your fresh, professionally made wedding flowers, fill in your details HERE.  Once you do this,  we search our database to see if there is another event within 48 hours of your wedding that is interested in purchasing your used fresh flowers.  If there is, we connect you with them.

If you are interested in BUYING fresh flowers from a wedding, fill in your details HERE.  Once you do this, we search our database to see if there is a couple that is getting married 48 hours before your event and interested in selling their used fresh flowers.  If there is, we connect you with them.

Where are you located?

We match and connect events all over the world.


Can I purchase used wedding flowers for a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party?

Absolutely.  Once you buy the wedding flowers from the seller, you can do as you'd like with them.


Can I sell my DIY flowers or artificial floral arrangements?

No.  Bouquet for a Day is not a marketplace for DIY or artificial flowers.  They must be professionally made, fresh flower arrangements.


How much does Bouquet for a Day charge for this service?

As of now, we do not charge for this service.


When should we sign up?

Sellers should enter in their details once they confirm a florist and have all their flower details completed.  You should know exactly how many centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, and bridal bouquets you have and want to sell.

Buyers should enter their details as soon as they have confirmed a date and venue for their event.


How do you put us in touch?

If we find a match we will send you both an email to e-meet each other so you can begin coordinating.


How soon do you send us the introductory email?

As soon as we make a match.


How much should the wedding flowers be sold for?

The sellers decide how much they are willing to sell their flowers for and the buyers decide if they are willing to pay or negotiate it.  Buyers should pay for the flowers on the day of pick up.


Which flowers can couples sell and buy?

You can sell all your wedding flowers.  We do, however, caution you to sell or buy bridal party bouquets as these are handled throughout a wedding day and are out of water, which could cause wilting.


What if I need more or less floral arrangements than what the bride and groom are selling?

If you need more flowers, you should contact a florist (preferably the one the seller used) to purchase more.

If you need less, ask the seller if they are willing to only sell the amount you need.


How and when do we transport the flowers from one venue to another?

This should be arranged ahead of time by the seller, buyer, and venue.  The venue may wish that the flowers are removed shortly after the reception or the following day.


Can you help us with the selling and buying process?

Because our goal is to connect events, once we put you in touch our job is done.


How can I contact Bouquet for a Day?

Connect with us here.