Which Flower is most popular?

When it comes to picking out your wedding flowers it seems like you have endless options. So which flowers do most brides request on their day? According to The Knot, the top three are as follows:

1) Roses.  No surprise here given the rose symbolizes love and beauty. Not only is it a beautiful flower but it also has a lovely fragrance, comes in different sizes, holds up well in bouquets, and an abundance of color options.

2) Tulips.  Attractive flower that blooms in the spring.  These flowers were once a prized possession in the 1600s, often selling for more than 10 times a craftsman's annual salary. Thankfully, these days, brides don't have to pay that to enjoy their beauty on their wedding day.

3) Calla Lilies.  These unique looking flowers have a tradition yet modern look with its trumpet shaped spathe.  White seems to be the most popular color among brides, which sybolizes purity and beauty, however, they do come in a variety of colors.  Fun fact: calla lilies aren't technically lilies.

Marie Spiller