We've Done the Math

In our search to find the range of prices of wedding flowers, we came across a survey TheKnot.com conducted in 2015 with the national average cost breakdown for a wedding.  In 2015, the average wedding cost (drumroll please...) $32,641!  That is one hefty price tag for an event, not to mention that the NYC average is a whooping $82, 299!  The average for flowers is $2300.  Using our grade school math skills, that breaks down to being 7% of the budget, which might not seems like a lot, but when having to pay for all those endless wedding details, 7% is s good chuck.  And that means NYC brides are paying close to $6000 for flowers.  Eek!  But if brides share flowers then they can save those benjamins and put towards something that will be more useful (after all, most of those beautiful flowers are left or discarded at the venue).  Sign up with us here and we will see if another bride wants to share with you.

Marie Spiller